Black ants

Black ants can be a particular problem mainly due to the sheer numbers that can live in a colony. Generally you will find ant nests around the roots of plants, however you may even find them in cavity walls.If, however, you suspect that you have a ant infestation but you cannot find the nest, then you will need to carry out ant pest control.

One option is to try to bait the ants out; you can, for example, put out some maple syrup but put some Boric Acid powder in it so that when the ants come to have their feast they won’t last long. The potential danger of using baits, however, is that it might attract even more ants from neighbouring colonies.


You can also try pouring boiling water into the nest, however, the queen tends to hide deep down so this, unfortunately, will probably not be the solution to the infestation.


Unlike a lot of other pests, ants are not inherently unlikeable; not many people are scared of ants. However, if you find one in your home or place of work then you are very likely to have more. While it is easy to get rid of each individual ant as you see them, they will keep coming back if you don’t destroy the source.

Pharaoh ants

Pharaoh ants can pose health risk because they can cause food poisoning and infect food with a range of diseases such as dysentery, typhoid and polio. They are a different species of ant to the normal garden black or red ants, being much smaller at only 1.5 or 2mm long and light brown in colour.


Pharaoh Ants like warm and damp conditions where food is readily available, however, they are fortunately quite rare in the UK due to the fact that they require a consistent warm temperature to survive.


To get a proper assessment of which species of ant you are dealing with, and to ensure that the infestation is dealt with efficiently; it is best to hire a professional pest control company. At A-Team, we understand how annoying recurrent ant problems can be, so our thorough pest control service ensures that the ants are completely eradicated and includes preventative measures to ensure that they can’t come back.


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