The common wasp (Vespula vulgaris) is one of the most prominent pests across the UK. Though they are mostly beneficial; destroying insects to feed the growth of the nest, wasp control and nest removals are one of the top pest control problems, particularly during the summer months.

Many people are scared of wasps as they do not want to get stung, and unlike bees, wasps can often sting as part of the defence of the nest and will sting repeatedly. Wasp venom contains a pheromone which acts as an alarm causing other wasps to become more aggressive when a wasp has either stung something or has been killed. This is why it is always advisable not to try and remove the nest yourself, but to contact a professional pest control company instead.

Wasp stings are generally harmless, and other than the pain, nothing will come of it. A small percentage of people, however, are allergic or hypersensitive to wasp venom and can have a severe reaction.

Wasps generally nest in trees or foliage but may nest in roof spaces if they have a way in.

If you suspect that you might have an infestation then it is always useful to try and identify where the nest is. Although it is highly inadvisable to try and tackle the nest yourself, it is helpful for pest controllers to know the location of the nest when they arrive at your property. If you can’t find the nest itself then look for the entrance; this will usually be a whole in the brickwork or roofing and wasps will often be coming and going throughout the day.

A-Team offer a professional and efficient wasp removal service, using only the best equipment. We provide comprehensive pest control in Essex, London and Kent and we deal with both residential and commercial properties.

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