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At A-Team Pest Control, we understand that finding pests in your home can be very distressing, especially if the problem is recurring. We provide a discreet and professional residential pest control service to help you get rid of pests quickly and efficiently.

Household pests can be a huge problem for homeowners, not only because of the pests themselves but because of the further problems that they can cause.

Rats and Mice can bring diseases and secondary pests into the home, such as parasites (i.e. fleas and ticks). They may cause severe allergic reactions in some cases. That is why we offer a comprehensive mouse and rat extermination in Kent, London and Essex which will get rid of the problem quickly and help to prevent further infestations.

Particularly during the summer months, wasps, bees, birds and insects can all be a huge problem and it can be very stressful to find them in your home. Our expert team offering pest control in London, Kent and Essex are specially trained in removing wasp nests and bee hives to eliminate any danger to you and your family.

If you require residential or commercial pest control in London, South Essex or across Kent then contact us today on 0800 311 8767.

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