Rats are one of the most notorious pests in the world and due to the rate that they breed; they require a huge amount of rat pest control throughout the UK.
Wild rats can carry diseases such as leptospirosis, salmonellosis and campylobacter which make them a health risk to humans.The most common rat found in the UK is the brown or Norway rat (Rattus novegicus). These rats can live either indoors or outdoors and mostly travel through sewers.
Rats are very clever and tend to use the same routes again and again so you can generally spot the signs if you have an infestation. These may include smear marks along walls; gnaw marks in food packaging, skirting boards, furniture, etc and droppings. Rats generally forage at night so you may not see them running around during the day. They are wary of new things, which is why they will always run the same route, and they tend to run along the bottom of walls, keeping close to the edge of the room.

In order to gather material for their nests, rats will chew almost anything, including power cables, furniture, clothes, shoes and carpets. Rat infestations are more common during winter, and they multiply rapidly which means that if you spot one in your home or place of work; you will most likely have many more. An infestation in your place of work; particularly if it is a food business, can have disastrous consequences; this is why A-Team offer both residential and commercial pest control services across Kent, London and Essex.

Due to the rate that rats breed, it is always advisable to hire a professional pest control company rather than try to eradicate the rats yourself. A-Team offer discreet rat extermination in Kent, London and Essex to ensure that the infestation has completely gone, and minimise disruption to your business or home life.

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