An infestation of bees can be difficult to remove, not only because of the risk of getting stung! If you find bees in your home or place of work then you will need to hire a local pest control agency who offer pest control for bees.


The honeybee and bumblebee live in colonies, similar to wasps, and have a black and yellow striped body with a sting. Bees are generally hairier than wasps, and you can spot the difference between the two as wasps generally have more defined yellow and black stripes as well as a more streamlined shape.


Bees should not be generally treated as a pest because of the work they do in pollinating flowers and crops, as well as producing honey.


Generally, bees are not aggressive and will not attack you unless provoked. If they fly near you, they are just searching for pollen, so stay still and they will soon realise you are not a flower and will fly away.


On occasion bees may nest on your property. Again, they will only sting if they are disturbed or antagonized and will usually move on within a short period. If you find an infestation of bees in the wall of your property; they are most likely to be Masonry bees. These bees get in through small holes in the wall use soft walls as an alternative to the warm banks that they normally prefer.


A-Team offer discreet and reliable pest control in Kent, Essex and London and can remove the bee infestation for you safely and efficiently. We provide both commercial and residential pest control across the South East of England and our services include wasp extermination, bird control, and rat and mice removal.


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