Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs or Cimex lectularius do not carry disease, but their blood feeding can cause severe irritation in some people, resulting in loss of sleep and an itchy rash. If you are suffering from a Bed Bug infestation then call us today to find out about our bed bug control services.

Bed Bugs are usually found in areas such as cracks in the floor, behind loose wallpaper and skirting boards and, of course, in the seams of mattresses. It is not an indication of the cleanliness of your house as Bed Bugs can often find their way into your home on clothing or furnishings. If your property has little cracks or lots of clutter that these Bugs can hide in along with regular access to a host, then they will be more than happy to settle down and colonise!


You can normally tell if you have Bed Bugs as, besides the bites, you may find their eggs along the wooden framework of your bed (they look like small black specs) and you may also find small blood spots on your bed sheets as a result of the bites.


A Bed Bug infestation should be treated by a professional Pest Control company as they can be extremely difficult to eradicate completely. Regular cleaning and vacuuming may help to control the infestation but it will not get rid of them completely.


At A-Team; we offer discreet and efficient pest control across Essex, London and Kent for both commercial and residential properties.


Our Pest Controllers in Kent, London and Essex are specially trained in the removal of Bed Bugs so you can be back in your property the same day. Effective Bed Beg treatment is not commercially available so if you want the problem completely gone then contact us today on 0800 311 8767.


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