Finding Cockroaches in your home or company premises can be devastating and detrimental to your business. The key is to deal with the infestation quickly so the first thing you should do is contact a recommended Pest Control Company for Cockroach control.


Cockroaches are renowned for their unique and resilient survival skills and can survive without food for an entire month. They can even live without a head for a week! If you find cockroaches in your property then you must act quickly as they breed at a rate that is too quick for commercial pest control measures to work. They are also very good at hiding so you will only ever see a small fraction of those that are actually there.


If you find an infestation in your place of work then you will need to set up a commercial pest control contract with your local company. They will be able to remove the cockroaches and routinely check for signs of any other infestations.


Cockroaches carry diseases including dysentery and typhoid and they can also cause severe food poisoning so if you run a food business then it could be at risk of being shut down. At A-Team, we offer specialist commercial pest control for food businesses which aims to minimise the down-time of your company.


We aim to be at your property within hours of your call and can assess the full extent of the infestation. We will then be able to employ the necessary pest control methods which may include the application a strong pesticide which will kill the cockroaches, but make the premises uninhabitable for the duration of the treatment.


Signs of an infestation include smear marks or droppings, egg casings, cast skins, and an almond-like smell.


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