Mice can be a pest control nightmare for home and business owners, as they can often return year on year. If your property is surrounded by fields then you can sometimes be more at risk of a mouse infestation but there are many prevention measures that you can put in place including hiring an agency for mice pest control.


Mice are very small and can squash themselves into the tiniest of cracks and holes in buildings. The most common way that mice can get into your property is through gaps under doors, cracks in walls and floors and through doors and windows that have been left open at night.


A mouse only has to eat the equivalent of one pea a day to survive so if they can find a regular morsel of food anywhere in your property then you may discover that you soon have some unwanted house guests!


Signs of a mouse (or rat) infestation include droppings on the floor, chewed food packaging, smear marks along the bottoms of the walls (mice and rats tend to travel the same route over and over again) and, of course, the rodents themselves. If you see one; you are sure to have many more so do not leave it hoping that it will go away in time. It is also no use catching the mouse and releasing it into the garden as it will soon find its way back in!


Both mice and rats carry a number of diseases in their droppings, urine and on their fur which can pose a serious health risk to you and your family. If you operate a food handling business then rodents can contaminate the food causing severe food poisoning which may result in your business being closed down.


Mice breed very quickly so traditional at-home methods of pest control do not generally work. If you spot a mouse in your home then the best thing to do is contact your local pest control company straight away.


At A-Team, we offer discreet and professional mice & rat control in London, Kent and Essex for both commercial and residential properties.To book an appointment with your local pest controller in Essex, London or Kent, contact us free on 0800 311 8767.

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