Although pigeons are not considered household pests, they can cause a nuisance in public areas, and if you have them flocking outside your home, you will most likely want to adopt pigeon control tactics to get rid of them.We may not realise it but pigeons can actually pose a health risk to humans. Pigeons carry a whole host of diseases, such as Psittacosis and Chiamidosis, which is a flu-like virus. In large numbers, pigeons can spread these diseases through their faeces as spores can break off into the air and be inhaled by humans.

Pigeons nesting in or on properties can cause secondary infestations such as mites, flies and cockroaches, as well as causing clogged guttering which may result in a flood.

If you want to get rid of pigeons then it is best to consult your local pest control company. They will be able to advise on techniques to remove the pigeons and put measures in place to ensure that they can no longer nest in or on your property. It is worth remembering, also, that pigeons are scavengers so they will be attracted to any food you leave out for other birds or animals.

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