Rat’s on Mars surface?

Recent images from NASA’s Mars rover, aptly named ‘Curiosity’ show what appears to be a rodent living on the planet. In a post from...

Mice Infest BBC’s New HQ

Just weeks after their move, the BBC’s new headquarters in Central London have become infested with mice. According to an article in the Evening...

Hertford Supermarket Suffers Rat Infestation

Environmental Health officers were called to the Tesco Supermarket in Hertford following reports of a rat infestation last week. It is unknown how many...

Birth Control for Rats?

SenesTech, a research company based in Arizona has come up with a plan to administer birth-control drugs to rats in four subway stations across...

Horticultural Official Develops Solar Pest Control Trap

A horticultural official from the Tirunelveli district in India has developed a device that uses light to trap pests. The ‘Solar Pest Trap’, as...

EPA Advise Pest Control Care for Homeowners

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), approximately 10,000 children a year are accidentally exposed to commercially available at-home pest control measures, including rat...

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